Wednesday, June 25

meet the krazy kids


I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the out-of-this world people who will be appearing on this blog.

He roller-blades and keeps his hair way too long. He longs for the day when he can skateboard like the pros.
rock collector
...a little known hobby of hers. She picks them up almost everywhere she goes. She keeps them in her treasure boxes.

She will be one someday, I bet. Or at least hold up her end of the conversation with them. She is as smart and funny as she is cute.

She will only be that for a little while, but for now, we take advantage of it by putting things too high for her to reach. She is hilarious, stubborn, and independent... I wonder where she gets these attributes?

He is a great dad, great husband, great friend. If a great photo shows up on this blog, chances are excellent that he shot it. (But not this photo... I took this one) He is photographer, designer, and contributor for this and other endeavors.

She is a busy, crafty, family-loving, reader gal. She wishes she were a better writer for her blog friends. She will try to keep things interesting around here.


FerLee said...

Made a comment on the other blog. That's some hair on Skater. Hoss (aka middle guy of mine) would love to let his hair grow out like that I'm sure...but I can't stand it when it gets to the shaggy look. So it never ends up getting long enough to look like the style the guys are wearing it now. Oh well...

I guess what I'm saying is that I admire your patience letting it grow out since I don't have that yet!!! Working on it though!!!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

We did NOT recognize The Skater! Holy Cow!! They're growing like weeds!!

Kelli said...

Love the new look! Glad you brought me back in the loop. :)