Monday, July 7

the fourth and more

The kids last day of summer school was Thursday. They are excited to be out. I am so proud of skater and rock collector for sticking to summer school. They did well and made some new friends (we hosted students from other schools in our school). Their effort has paid off and they now have giftcards to spend. (The school PAYS them to go to summer school...can you imagine?)

We had a nice, uneventful Independence Day. The kids played in the sprinkler and rode their bikes for most of the day while I sat and read my book. faroutdad made his famous (around here anyway) apple cobbler crisp and a peach one for me. That evening, we made it to the square to watch the fireworks while eating watermelon and cantaloupe and drinking Kool-Aid. faroutdad caught some awesome photos of the fireworks. One of them is in the new header. There is another one on our other blog in the header.

I called and talked to S.S. (my step-mom) on Thursday, but I should put out in cyberspace too...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you and miss you guys.

Today, we got some great news on the job front. I will share more about it when I know more about it and when I can. It isn't a done deal yet, so keep us in your prayers.

I guess that is about it for our holiday weekend.

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