Wednesday, August 6

love the Olympics?

I do!! I have loved watching the Olympics since I was a kid. Swimming(races or synchronized), diving, gymnastics (men's, women's, rhythmic, it all),shooting, track and field, softball...etc, etc, etc.

I love the opening ceremonies. Seeing all of those athletes in groups by country, the beauty of the ceremony itself, the lighting of the torch. I love all of that.

I love seeing the athletes cry like babies (while I am crying like a baby for them) when they come from behind or break a world record. Or cry in despair when they get their heart broken by realizing that their dream may not come true at these Games.

I love the sound of all the National Anthems and the colors of all of the flags. I cry with all of the medal winners...our countrymen or not.

There are so many stories that go along with the Olympic Games. For some great ones, head over to Straight Shooters blog and learn about some of the best athletes we have traveling to China to compete and represent our great land. Once there, you can click on the 08 Olympics label to read about all the athletes she has profiled.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Hey farout Momma! Thanks for the bloggliland shout out! I miss ya. Wish you were here to watch the Olympics with me!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Hey I know it's like 3am but Boo just drew your name out of the hat for the flag! Congrats! Don't ask why she's up eating orange yogurt. It's weird.