Monday, October 13

Praying for MckMama!

You may have noticed in the sidebar a button about MckMama and her unborn baby Stellan. Stellan has many heart issues and MckMama and her family were told that he would not live but a few days, if that. He is still alive several months later and doing rather well considering all of his issues. There was a huge prayer vigil for him at that time and God did some awesome things in that family.

The meds that MckMama are taking to keep Stellan's heart working are making her very sick now. She has been admitted to the hospital and taken off of the drug as it is upsetting her own heart. If Stellan doesn't do well without Mama taking the drugs, they will have to take him a bit early. Every day he can spend inutero the better, of course.

I don't know these people personally, but have been following her blog for quite a while. Please pray for their family, the doctors, MckMama and Stellan. They could use it. If you want, grab her button for your own blog so others will see and maybe feel led to pray also.

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