Tuesday, October 21

Top 10 Tuesday

This week, let's take a moment and talk about kidTV. With four kids, we watch a wide range of kids shows. Some I like, some...not so much. Here are 10 in the "like" category. Some of them I have found myself watching even after the kids have left the room. I'm not telling which ones.

Hi-5--The two little girls both love this show. There is cheesy acting, make-believe stories, singing, dancing and cool costumes (to a 4 and 2 year old at least). I enjoy it because it gets the little ones dancing. A dancing 2 year old...awesome.

iCarly--This is one of Rock Collector's favorites. I like it too because of the older brother, Spencer. His character is hilarious. A bit of Jim Carrey mixed with a bit of Ben Stiller. Physical comedy like Jim. Goofy, not-so-smart-ish, not great in the luck department like Ben. A weird reference maybe...but it fits in my brain.

WonderPets--The Professor used to love this one...now she says it is too baby. She still watches intently when it is on though. She's not so grown up as she thinks. Shorty is really starting to love it too. In fact, she got a Ming Ming plush for her birthday the other day and hardly puts it down.

Naked Brothers Band--This one is of course for Skater. He likes the music, relates to the boys a bit, can see himself in their band, I think. He had their cd's and we mark on the calendar when new episodes are going to be on so that we can be sure to watch.

Miss Spider--If you like the books, you will love the show. The stories are great, the colors are beautiful. Makes your children think of preying mantis' as teachers, and ants as ranchers.

Oswald--The voice of Fred Savage on an extremely round octopus. Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley as the voice of a penguin named Henry. Cute town they live in. They are best friends with a Daisy and a dog named Weenie. Slow paced, no yelling...I like it.

Franklin--Another show based on a series of books. Did you know that Franklin can count by twos and tie his shoes? If so, then you will probably like this show.

Pinky Dinky Doo--This one is new so if you have older kids, you probably have never heard of it. Pinky is a girl who like to tell stories to illustrate a lesson. After the story (which she tells to her baby brother inside of a big TV box called the story box) there are questions about the story. There is a word of the day that gets used throughout the story. It is the Professor's new favorite show.

Strawberry Shortcake--She is back and better and bigger than ever. She has new movies a couple of times a year and a weekend morning show. All the girls love her. She is pink and cute and musical for the little girls. She is pink and cute and hip and cool for the older ones. She teaches a lesson in every episode. She is an empowered woman..hee hee.

SpongeBob SquarePants
--Sometimes I tell myself that I am tired of this one as it is on so much. But then, I will sit and watch it with the kids and crack up at it. There are some really funny things that happen. Plus, all the kids laugh out loud when it is on, and I love that.

What, if any, are your favorite kids shows? Or what are your kids favorite shows?

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