Wednesday, June 3

Shorty Speak

Shorty is our 2 1/2 year old daughter. She says things wrong. It's funny.

"nuffy"= nothing
Mom: Shorty, what do you have in your mouth?
Shorty: Nuffy (while smiling innocently and trying not to chew on the chips that she snuck out of the cabinet)

"sinky" = drink
Dad: What is it that you are screaming to get?
Shorty: Sinky....pop...mine.

"felph" = self
Skater: Do you need me to help you buckle your seatbelt?
Shorty: No...felph.

"comey" = thank you (I think this one started because of her hearing us say you're welcome...I don't really know)
Rock Collector: Here you go are some crayons for you to use.
Shorty: Comey, Sissy.

Now, feel free to start using these words in your daily vocabulary as we have in our family.
What are some funny toddler-speak words have been heard around your house?

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