Thursday, August 21

Literacy Killer

August was shaping up to be a record month. By the 10th of the month, I had already read 5 books. They were mysteries set in places that interest me. They were pretty quick reads for me. I have books waiting to be read, but can't seem to get the one I am on finished.


I'm glad you asked. It is all because of the Olympics. Yes...the Olympics are not only cutting into my precious sleep, but also into my reading time. I usually read a little in the morning, and then some more in the evening. Well, guess when the Olympics are on. Yeah, in the evening and the Today show is in the morning. Since they are in Beijing, they have Olympic athletes on everyday. So I HAVE to watch, right? After the Today show, more coverage of the Games.

I have issues, I know.

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~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Amen sister! To ALL of it!