Tuesday, August 26

U.S.A.F Thunderbirds

We went to the air show this weekend. It was a long day but we had a great time. They saved the best for last (no offense to the Navy's Blue Angels or the Army's Golden Knights). The Air Force's Thunderbirds caught the attention of everyone with their "near-miss" passes and precision flying.

There was one pilot in particular that caught the attention of Rock Collector. It was this one:

This is Maj. Samantha Weeks. She flies the number 5 jet as the "lead solo". Which means that she gives the air commands that determine when the jets will make their passes flying at each other at closing speeds of 1200 mph. She is the one that comes in upside down. She is only the second female pilot on the squadron and the first ever in the lead solo position. This is her second year on the squadron, first as lead solo.

Rock Collector thought that it was way cool that there was a girl pilot. She thinks that maybe she might want to be one when she grows up. Please pray for her parents.

*all photos courtesy of The United States Air Force