Friday, October 3

Friday Jeopardy

update: Thank you to the never fairy for pointing out that Sleeping Beauty also has parents who survive the whole movie. I also thought of Shrek 2. Fiona's parents, while one IS a frog are both present and alive. My sources this morning were regrettably unreliable.

Welcome to the Disney edition of Friday Jeopardy. Some useless knowledge to amaze your friends!
  1. answer:
    101 Dalmations and Peter Pan

    are the only two Disney cartoon features in which both parents are present and don't die throughout the movie?

  2. answer:

    What is
    the Sorcerer's name in Disney's "Fantasia?" It is Disney spelled backward.

  3. answer:
    Two miles

    How tall would you have to be in proportion to the Spaceship Earth ride at EPCOT, if it were golf ball, to hit it?

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The Never Fairy said...

Both parents exist and do not die in Disney's Sleeping Beauty as well.

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