Tuesday, November 11

Cold Feet

No, I'm not backing out of anything. I mean that my feet really are cold. We live in the bottom part of a two story house and it stays pretty cold down here. My regular cotton socks are NOT cutting it. And Shorty and Professor's feet are always cold too. (That might be because they refuse to leave socks of any kind on their feet.)

Anyway, I am about to embark on a new adventure for me. Knitting Socks! I want some pretty, warm and wooly socks to wear on my ice cubes feet. I think I may try some smaller, kid-sized ones first. I also have a pattern to crochet some, but I think the knitted fabric will be better for socks than the crocheted. My first sock will most likely be coming out of this book or this book. I have them both checked out from the library.

Anyway, I will post some progress pics when I start them. Stay tuned...this should be interesting since I have only ever knitted rectangular objects. (i.e. scarves, dishcloths) I have heard that they are easier than they seem and that I will become addicted to both making and wearing them.

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FerLee said...

You do know that once you do...you must teach me...how I don't know since you're not near me anymore...but I want to know!!!!

Not that I have ANY time!!!!